Golden Shine Ceramic Spray 8oz 14008

Golden Shine Ceramic Spray 8oz 14008

SKU: 14008

Golden Shine Ceramic Spray Wax 8 Ounces Part# 14008

Add shine and protection to your vehicle’s paint with our Golden Shine Ceramic Spray. This easy to use spray will prolong the life of your ceramic coating, plus provide a glossy and slicker feel to your vehicle. Don’t have a ceramic coating on your vehicle? Use our Ceramic Spray to increase the water repellency, scratch protection and pollutant resistance on your vehicle’s finish. Each treatment will last up to eight months. Golden Shine Ceramic Spray will improve the glossiness, scratch resistance, water repellency and pollutant resistance of your vehicle’s paint. For best results, apply with our Quick Shine Detailing Towels.  8 ounces.

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    • A nano molecule bond that provides a barrier sheild that resists to the chemical environment.
    • A UV and UVB resistance.
    • A smart surface science which stays cleaner longer 
    • Resists Paint oxidation
    • A formula that will give 6-8 month durable protection (depends on the environment)
    • A maintenance booster which will increase the ceramic coat hydrophoic properity by 90%.  
    • Will prolong durability, enhance a high-level gloss and water repellency (Ceramic coat activator) 
    • Improves the glossiness, scratch resistance, water repellency and pollutant resistance of your vehicle’s paint.
    • A 8H Hardness (a scratch resistance) 

    Easy to use a spray-on coat that will take your paint to the next level. It can be used as a single layer or as maintenance.

    It can be used on paint, aluminum, chrome, rims, glass, and plastic.


    Golden Shine Ceramic Spray should be applied by spraying 3 or 4 sprays per panel on all painted surfaces. Some hazing will occur.

    Use dry microfiber towel to spread evenly.

    If dry towel does not remove all haze, repeat with damp towel, then dry.

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