Our Products

The Original California Car Duster

The original and still the best. Our signature car duster features a solid wood handle and cotton mop with baked in wax. The baked in wax treament safely lifts light dust off the vehicle. This has been a go-to products for casual vehicle owners and diehard detailers alike since 1989.

Our Products

California Jelly Blade

Quit using a pile of towels every time you dry your vehicle. The California Jelly Blade looks like a squeegee from the future but it is much more. Its sillicone construction is softer than a cotton towel against the paint. It is also flexible to follow the curves of the automobile. The Jelly Blade safely removes water from the vehicle after a car wash.

California Super Duster

The 30" long California Super Duster is ideal for maintaining large trucks, vans, SUVs and RVs.

California Car Duster with a Plastic Handle

A more economical version of our California Car Duster. This model features our signature baked-in wax treatment along with a braided cotton mop and plastic handle. 

California Wheel Duster

Safely and easily remove brake dust and debris from your wheels with our California Wheel Duster. It features microfiber loop strands and a unique fork design to easily wrap around wheel spokes.

California Dry Blade

A smaller version of our popular Jelly Blade, the Dry Blade is ideal for household and automotive use. Its flexiible silicone design, lets the Dry Blade safely and quickly remove water from your vehicle's paint, glass, home windows and much more.

California Mini Duster

A smaller version of our signature California Car Duster that is ideal for vehicle interiors and home decor. Use the California Mini Duster to clean dashboards, center consoles and gauge clusters. Around the house, it works wonders on window blinds, fireplace mantles and bookshelves.

Triple Threat Duster

It extends. It swivels. It pivots. Our new California Extension Duster is a handy, all-around duster for your home or RV.

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