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Golden Shine Plastic Headlight Restorer Polish 55016

Golden Shine Plastic Headlight Restorer Polish 55016

SKU: 55016K

Hazy headlight lenses are unattractive and reduce nighttime visibility. Remove headlight hazing and discoloration with Golden Shine Headlight Restorer. It is safe to use on plastic headlights, clear lenses, and clear plastics to remove surface yellowing, hazing and small scratches.

Golden Shine Headlight Restorer is easy to use and apply. The product can be used by hand or with a compact orbital polisher. Apply a small amount of Headlight Restorer to a microfiber applicator and buff to a high shine. The Headlight Restorer will lift and remove surface tarnish, hazing and yellowing. Use a clean Premium Microfiber Polishing towel to remove and excess polish or residue. Repeat as necessary to remove surface scratches, grime and hazing to leave behind a crystal clear finish.

  • Easily remove headlight hazing, yellowing & scratches
  • Improve nighttime visability with clear lenses
  • Can be used by hand with a microfiber applicator or with an orbital polisher/buffer
  • Lifts and removes surface tarnish
  • Made in the USA


Combo kit includes a pair of foam applicators to quickly and easily apply the Headlight Restorer.

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