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Golden Shine Waterless Car Wash 16oz Spray

Golden Shine Waterless Car Wash 16oz Spray


Golden Shine Waterless Wash uses a dust encapsulating formula to clean and care for a vehicle when a traditional water and bucket car wash is not a possibility. It is a popular choice for mobile detailers and auto enthusiasts living in water controlled communities.

Its easy to use formula features cleaners and lubricants that bond to dust particles and quickly remove them. Simply spray Waterless Wash on your vehicle, wipe away, and buff until dry with Premium Microfiber Detailing towels. Repeat as needed to remove light dust. To prevent scratching, rotate towels often to ensure that you are always using a clean Premium Microfiber Detailing towel. Waterless Wash can dry quickly, so only use the product indoors or in a shaded area.

  • Additional Information

    Waterless Car Wash is a concentrated cleaner that will add a little shine to your vehicle as it cleans. For optimal results, follow with an application of our Golden Shine Quick Shine to enhance the vehicle’s appearance and shine.

    Too concentrated for you? We developed Golden Shine Waterless Wash with strong cleaners and lubricants for maximum cleaning power. Some of our mobile detailers will cut the product by ½ with distilled water. This will not affect the performance of Waterless Wash in most instances and can make cleaning easier.

    Why Golden Shine Waterless Car Wash?

    • When time does not permit a complete soap and bucket car wash or the vehicle is only a little dirty
    • It has more lubricants that Quick Shine so it can safely remove larger dust particles
    • It is great for mobile detailers that have limited access to water while working or water-controlled communities
    • Made in the USA
    • Available in a 16 oz spray bottle or 1 gallon (128 oz) refill bottle

    Waterless Wash vs Quick Shine Detail Spray

    • Waterless Wash is more of a cleaner than Quick Shine
    • Waterless Wash contains more lubricants so it can safely remove larger dirt particles without creating swirl marks
    • Waterless Wash does not contain gloss enhancers, so it will clean, but not added shine
    • For best results, follow up with an application of Golden Shine Quick Shine


    • To prevent scratching, the user must constantly rotate clean & soft microfiber towels
    • If the vehicle is very dirty, fine scratching may occur if proper care is not used
  • Shipping Information

    All orders shipped within the lower 48 states ship for $8.99 flat rate shipping. Additional fees apply for orders shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and international destinations. Please message us for shipping options for those destinations.

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