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On the Go + California Car Cover Portable Water Deionizer with Bypass Head

On the Go + California Car Cover Portable Water Deionizer with Bypass Head


On The Go Water Deionizer For Spot-Free Washing

Tired of water spotting on your vehicle after a car wash? The problem isn’t your towels or the sunshine, it is most likely your water. Household water contains minerals that can leave behind deposits on your vehicle after a car wash. Attach one of these high performance deionizers to your household water supply to remove hard minerals from the water for a spot free rinse.


The collaboration with On the Go, a USA based manufacturer of filtration products, has developed these portable and compact water deionizers for California Car Cover Co.


These water deionizers will filter up to 560 gallons of water at 200 PPM total dissolved solids before you need to replace the resin. The key is On the Go’s high-grade resin inside the tank. It is able to efficiently remove hard minerals from your water supply for easy automobile cleaning.


About The Bypass Model OTG4CCCMDB

The On the Go/ California Car Cover water deionizer connects to your household water supply and features a built-in bypass valve. The bypass valve allows you to wash your vehicle with standard unfiltered water, then switch to the deionized water for the final rinse. This will prolong the life span of the resin. The standard model does not include the bypass valve, so you would be using filtered water for the entire wash and rinse process or need a secondary water supply for the initial wash. Made in the USA.


This deionizer with bypass head measures 9" in diameter by 22" in height. The unit contains 1/2 cubic feet of high grade virgin mixed bed resin, and is easy to hook up or remove depending on your application. The unit comes complete with the deionizer, bypass kit, 4' high pressure hose, and a hand-held TDS meter.


The bypass makes it so you can easily go between deionizered and non deionizered water with the switch of two knobs. You can bypass the deionizer when spot free water is not needed to extend the life of the resin. 


Approximate # of rinses before refilling, assuming TDS of 250 PPM, 2 GPM, using 5 gallons per car and 30 gallons per RV.
Car - 90
RV Class A - 15

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