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Unbeatable Quality. Incredible Value. Premium products to make both your vintage or modern muscle car look like it just left the showroom.

California Mini Duster

Our California Mini Duster will remove dust from your vehicle's dashboard, center console and gauge cluster.

California Car Duster 62443 in Use

Our plastic handle California Car Duster gently lifts light dust from your vehicle's finish. It features a cotton mop with our signature baked in wax treatment to quickly and easily clean your car daily.

Golden Shine Quick Shine

The best selling Golden Shine Quick Shine Detail Spray does just that. It will make your vehicle sparkle in minutes. An exceptional product for cleaning your vehicle in between car washes.

Golden Shine Tire and Trim Spray

Add shine and protection to your vehicle's tires and exterior rubber or vinyl trim. The easy to use Golden Shine Tire and Trim Spray makes your tires shine plus protects them with the equivalent of spf40 sunscreen.

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