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Make Sure Your Truck Looks Its Best...Before You Go and Get It Dirty Again. Want to see more of this custom Toyota Tacoma? Follow along on the adventures of the owners, Kristin and Bernie Chacon, by checking out @milkteacoma on Instagram.

Super Duster 62557 In Use on Tacoma

Bigger vehicles need a bigger duster. Our Super Duster features a larger 360 degree mop and longer handle, compared to our Classic Car Duster, to better dust large trucks and SUVs.

California Wheel Duster 96630 in Use on Tacoma

Our soft microfiber wheel duster removes light brake dust from your wheels with ease. It's unique fork design makes cleaning multi-spoke wheels much easier as well.

Clean Clear Glass Cleaner 49032

The Golden Shine Clean and Clear Glass Cleaner quickly cuts through dirt and grime leaving a streak free shine to your windows, mirrors and glass surfaces.

Triple Threat Duster 96629 in Use on Tacoma

The Triple Threat Duster isn't just for RVs. The extension duster comes in handy when dusting and detailing lifted trucks and SUVs.

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