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Make Sure Your Classic Stays Just That...Classic.

California Car Duster 62442

The original and still the best. Features a cotton mop, our signature baked in treatment and classic wooden handle. The go-to car duster for auto enthusiasts since 1989.

Golden Shine Ceramic Spray 14008

Maintain and enhance the performance of your vehicle's ceramic coating with our Golden Shine Ceramic Spray. It also provides water repellency and scratch protection to paint surfaces without ceramic coating.

Golden Shine Interior Cleaner and Leather

Clean your vehicle's upholstery, seats, floor mats and door panels with our popular Golden Shine interior cleaners and dressings.

Platinum Mini Duster 62442M

Our popular California Mini Duster has received an upgrade to Platinum status with a classic wooden handle to match our signature California Car Duster.

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