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SEMA 2021

The Original California Car Duster 62442

Keep your vehicle clean with the Original California Car Duster. Our popular wood handle car duster has been keeping cars dust free for over 30 years. Try it and you'll see why the original is still the best! Click Image for More Info.


California Wheel Duster 96630

Remove light brake dust from your wheels without the use of harsh chemicals. Our Wheel Duster has a soft microfiber mop head plus a unique fork designs to clean around spokes. Click Image for More Info.


Classic Mini Duster 62447

Our California Mini Duster easily removes light dust from dashes, center consoles and leather seats. Use it around the house to clean shelves and window blinds. Click Image for More Info.


Golden Shine Tire Dressing 16016

Add shine and protection to your vehicle's tires and exterior trim. Our Tire and Trim dressing protects trim from fading, plus gives a low shine to your tires that lasts for days, not hours. Click Image for More Info.


The Traditional California Car Duster 62443

Keep your vehicle looks its best with our economical plastic handled version of our California Car Duster. The car duster still has our signature wax treatment, but features a lighter weight handle. Click Image for More Info.


Platinum Series Mini Duster 62446

An upgraded version of our popular Mini Duster. The Platinum Series Mini Duster includes a wax treated mop, plus an attractive wood handle to match our Original California Car Duster. Click Image for More Info.


Golden Shine Quick Shine Detail Spray 10016

Make your vehicle shine in between car washes. Just spray and wipe away to clean and add shine to your daily driver, classic or custom. Click Image for More Info.


SEMA Vehicle: 1956 VW Beetle

Thank you to friend and local customer, Guillermo Trigueros for bringing his custom 1956 Volkswagen Beetle to SEMA 2021 for California Car Duster. See more of this VW on Instagram at @vegasoval


Our SEMA 2021 booth vehicle was this custom 1956 Volkswagen Beetle. See more of this car below and on the car owner's Instagram: @vegasoval

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